Meet our Baker Team

The Apple strudel on our Tablecloth is Paw and Heart made by 15 Talented Long Sweet Royal Majestic Surprising Skillful Charming BraveHearted Loving Playful Zealous Rocking Rolling Never Ending Wiener Dogs:)! Zelda, from England, named after Zelda Fitzgerald, Cheese-lover, professional Flapping-Ears Pilot, teaching her dough how to fly with charm and lightness. Charlie, from England, […]

at your service, HUMANS!

let us invite you to our beautifully decorated table with a unique  HAND MADE  TABLECLOTH made of pure linen,  telling the story of 15 dachshunds who took spontaneous decision to  surprise their humans  for xxx time in their life and  serve them;-)))! Follow us to discover each of 15 characters and what’s all about;-) you’ll […]

wiener dogs cook for humans

while walking through the forests one thought is crossing my mind with permanence: the imperfection is the main ingredient of the perfection;this morning I felt there might be no better chance to say it outloud smiling from ear to ear;-)))happy day to you all- we’re coming!