Meet our Baker Team

The Apple strudel on our Tablecloth is Paw and Heart made by 15 Talented Long Sweet Royal Majestic Surprising Skillful Charming BraveHearted Loving Playful Zealous Rocking Rolling Never Ending Wiener Dogs:)!


Zelda, from England, named after Zelda Fitzgerald, Cheese-lover, professional Flapping-Ears Pilot, teaching her dough how to fly with charm and lightness.

Charlie, from England, keeping calm and stretching skillfully the dough with back of his paws until the desired translucent effect is obtained.

Slinky, from United States, performing vigorously the pawfect use of the rolling-pin and turning the dough into thin cake.

Sammie, from United States, reading patiently the cooking book and trying with his kitchen towel to stop a sneeze attack while measuring flour.

Neckel, from Spain, having his helpful and 360o panoramic eye of elder brother on the tiny tiny chic Shicks and flouring the sheet of dough simultaneously. Usually wearing sombrero.

Shicks, from Israel, the littlest of all bakers, doesn’t compromise and loves being in the heart of every important event, playing the main role of rolling.

Guida, from Brazil/Germany, sun lover, feeling very comfy staying close to the oven and dusting the filling with cinnamon, smelling sooo good…

Oscar, from United States, our beautiful Narcissus hunting for the public admiration, posing naturally proudly with an apple.

Peabody, from United States, as a pawfect Pea-casso embodiment, got the very responsible role of brushing the dough with melted butter lengthwise; it demanded being fluent in painting and we knew only Pea could succeed in it!

Jazz, from Australia, the girlfriend of Frank, music master, suggesting you turn the radio on before starting the Strudel making process and put on the Waltz, then just believe that You Can Do It!

Lupo, from Poland, master of zealous and passionate method of slicing, devoted to his job.

Figaro, from France/Canada and Olimp, from Poland, two enthusiastic inner-motivated bakers helping the others with spreading the flour all over the floor dancing their impressive waltz.

Miss Wiennie, from Canada, bravehearted, big open eyed, chopping almonds carefully and spreading them over the filling with great dedication.

Toby, from England, our virtuoso waiter, ready to serve the Humans with an outstanding elegance and dignity.


Let’s ROCK & ROLL for our HUMANS!